Team Kanad

Our Creative and Support Team

Mr. Satish Bhardwaj


Mr. Satish Bhardwaj is a writer and marketing strategist with a huge experience of more than 17 years. Along with all the marketing strategies of the company, he ensures the most accurate content for their client so that our client's message reaches their customers and maximizes their business prospects. He also coordinates with the visualization of design and graphics. As a marketing strategist, Satish Bhardwaj has served in rural management to various companies like ICICI Bank, joint project of Max New York Life Insurance and IOCL, Drishtee, Sharma Consultants, Future Aviation Institute etc. As a writer, his articles have been published in various Hindi and English magazines and newspapers. The short stories written by him are published in various magazines, papers and also live on various online story portals.

Mr. Sachindra Verma


Mr. Sachindra Verma, a designer by nature and engineer by qualification started his career in the field of Information Technology as a Graphic & Web Designer. He has more than 21 years rich experience in the field of Information Technology. He has been regularly updating his technical proficiency in various areas of Latest Technologies. He served as a Website & Graphic designer with various companies. He is proficient in almost all tools which covered Graphic Designing, Website Designing, Web Development, CMS, Web Portals, Web hosting, DataBase Management. He is leading the Kanad Team of more than half dozen designers and developers. Keeping in mind the needs and aspirations of their customers, the task of visualizing, designing and selecting the best design for them is done under their supervision. All strategies related to latest technologies and their successful implementation is made under their control and coordination with technical team.